Effortless Crypto Accounting Software

For accountants who manage crypto business clients.
Not individuals who need a tax return or crypto tracking.

Book Your Crypto Transactions 1000x Faster

Features built for accountants not enthusiasts.

Close invoices with crypto payments in Xero & QBO

You can now send a crypto transaction from Breezing to close invoices directly in Xero and Quickbooks. No more fiddling around with a clearing account.

Invite your client

Highlight specific transactions that require client feedback and invite them to Breezing.

Manage more than +1M transactions fast

Other solution are known to slow or lag when uploading more than 1M transactions. With Breezing, work with 1M transactions the same you would with 1 transaction.

Our Integrations

We focus on chains, exchanges and accounting systems.

+12 Blockchains

+90 Exchanges

+2 Accounting systems

Who's our customer?

We don't do personal tax nor portfolio tracking.
Just accounting.

For Accounting Firms

Manage multiple clients through Breezing. Invite them to join and produce your crypto subledger faster.

For Crypto Companies

As a founder or finance lead, we push crypto transactions into your accounting systems in 10 mins.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers say

"Finally a tool that does crypto accounting and not a hybrid between portfolio tracker or individual tax."

Ricardo Oliveira
Head of Finance at Blockgreen

Why is Breezing best for accountants?

Features specific to make an accountant's job easier and produce faster crypto subledger.

Invite your client

Highlight specific transactions you want client feedback on.

No need to select chains

You don't need to select a chain when adding transactions. Breezing identifies the chains and pulls them automatically.

Close crypto invoices

We add your crypto wallet as a bank so you can close out invoices without a clearing account

DeFi Rewards

Recognize DeFi rewards when they are issued and not just claimed. Be compliant.

Close crypto expenses

Close out expense reports tied to specific payments in crypto

Pay as you go

Some clients go dormant with their feedback therefore pay only for transactions you process.